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What is Delrin aka Polyoxymethylene?

Posted by Mike Sterling

Apr 18, 2012 6:27:00 AM

First discovered in 1951 by Nobel Prize-winning German chemist Hermann Staudinger, and first synthesized by DuPont chemists the year after, Delrin, otherwise known by its scientific name of polyoxymethylene, has been manufactured on an industrial scale since 1960.

Celebrated for its structural rigidity, stability, and light weight, in addition to its wear resistance and electrical conductivity, Delrin is a thermoplastic used for making both moldable grade and machine-able grade components for durable, high-performance parts. It comes in various colors and can be blended with other compounds to improve its mechanical properties. 

Delrin is as flexible in its uses as it is stable in its composition. Used most frequently (on account of its resistance to corrosion) in ball bearing applications, the crucial compound is also used in food containers, moving toy parts (since Delrin will cause little or no harm if accidentally ingested by a child), and in paintball guns. Other apt and regular assembly jobs for polyoxymethylene include gas tanks, hoses, and regulators.

At Ardel Engineering, we deal extensively in Delrin fabrications. Our work for aerospace ensures that we make frequent use of the material in its various applications, using both our CNC mills and Swiss Screw machines to work it into the forms required. For more information about our work with Delrin, direct your inquiries directly to our blog, or to whatever means of contact most convenient for you.

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