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Swiss Machining & Automation

Posted by Mike Sterling

Dec 17, 2021 2:22:07 PM

Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 13485 compliant company specializing in precision milling and turning. Our 30,000-square-foot facility houses Swiss screw machines and other top-of-the-line CNC milling and turning equipment, which we use to create small diameter components in medium to high volumes for customers across a wide range of industries. 

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Enough About Us For a Minute… Tell Us About You

Posted by Mike Sterling

Aug 20, 2012 5:30:00 AM

First off, we’d like to thank those who have thus far been taking the time to read our blog.

It’s been a good many months since our first entries about Swiss screws and aerospace engineering, and we’re glad that many of you seem to be taking the time to examine what’s happening at our company beyond simply placing an order. Sometimes it really is a thought that counts, especially when that thought proves to be of practical value to someone out there in Cyberland. We certainly hope what we’re writing has been useful for our viewers – both clients and casual readers alike.

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