Ardel Engineering is a reputable machining service company specializing in precision CNC machining of brass parts for numerous industries and applications. We can produce high-quality brass parts based on your specifications and requirements, ensuring your project's needs are met.

    Brass CNC Machining Capabilities

    Our CNC machining services enable us to produce superior brass CNC turned components and parts through our various CNC machining techniques and capabilities. We have cutting-edge equipment and technologies to achieve results that will improve your bottom line.

    Our range of capabilities include:

    • CNC vertical and horizontal milling: Our CNC milling service can produce highly intricate parts with tight tolerances with the help of pre-programmed software for accurate outcomes.
    • Swiss screw machining: We specialize in producing high-quality cylindrical brass CNC turned components through Swiss screw machining.
    • Wire EDM: Wire EDM is used to produce highly precise and consistent brass parts. During the process, electrically charged wire erodes or removes material from the workpiece in small volumes.

    We employ the most technologically advanced CNC machine for brass parts, such as CNC mills, EDM wire-cutting machines, and Swiss screw machines. These equipment are highly efficient in producing top-grade brass parts, regardless of tolerance and complexity.

    Types of Brass Material Grades We Can Work With

    Brass is a versatile material made with copper and zinc. It has high strength, excellent durability, outstanding flexibility, and corrosion resistance, so it's primarily used in industrial and decorative applications. At Ardel Engineering, we can handle various brass material grades, depending on your specific requirements. These include:

    • C200 - C20000 Brass Grades: The C200 series contains high copper content ranging from 95% to 99%, so they have excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, they're a great option for plumbing applications.
    • C300 - C30000 Brass Grades: The C300 to C30000 brass grades are known for having a good balance between copper and zinc content, making them the best material option for various industries.
    • C400 - C40000 Brass Grades: This series of brass materials contains a higher zinc content, making them more malleable and suitable for machining applications.

    Thanks to its excellent machinability and unique properties, the grades on the list are ideal for CNC machining methods. If you need help searching for the perfect brass grade for your project, our team of experts will gladly guide you through our material selection.

    Brass Parts Achieved Through CNC Machining

    CNC machining brass parts offer a wide range of applications across various industries. Some examples include:

    • Electronics: Brass is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it an ideal material for electronic components such as terminals, switches, and plugs.
    • Automotive: Due to brass strength and heat resistance, we can manufacture transmission parts, fuel tanks, and radiators.
    • Plumbing: Brass is known for its outstanding corrosion resistance, so it's one of the most widely used materials for plumbing fixtures like valves, faucets, and fittings.
    • Industrial machinery: Industrial machines also require high-strength materials, so brass is a common choice for gears, bushings, and bearings.

    Choose CNC Machine for High-Performance Brass Parts at Ardel Engineering

    CNC machining brass parts offers accuracy and versatility in producing complex brass CNC turned components for different industries. At Ardel Engineering, we have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality brass parts based on your demands and prerequisites.

    Contact us today to learn more about our precision CNC machining capabilities, focusing on brass materials. You may also request a quote, and we can find a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs!