Delrin is a plastic material specifically engineered to offer high stiffness, low friction, and superior machinability. In CNC machining, Delrin is best suited for projects that require rigid materials, dimensional stability, and high precision. Machined Delrin parts tend to excel in environments with complications such as excess moisture and elevated temperatures.

    Ardel Engineering has extensive experience with Delrin and provides durable, high-quality machined Delrin components to clients across a variety of industries and applications.

    Benefits of Delrin Machining

    Delrin—also known as polyoxymethylene—is a highly stable thermoplastic. It is typically molded or machined to create high-endurance parts and components. The beneficial characteristics of machined Delrin make it ideal for many manufacturing situations.

    Some of these benefits include:

    • Chemical resistance to solvents/fuels
    • High fatigue endurance
    • Easy to fabricate with low and consistent internal stress
    • Longer service life for finished parts
    • Dimensions don't change significantly during machining and use
    • Material and final products are highly resistant to wear-and-tear
    • Delrin machined parts are naturally ESD safe and dissipate static
    • High strength and stiffness
    • Can be colored to match the desired aesthetic
    • Blends with other components to improve mechanical properties
    • Low moisture absorption compared to other engineering plastics makes it well-suited to wet environments

    These characteristics make machined Delrin a good option for high-impact applications in a broad range of industrial and mechanical applications.

    Expert Delrin Machining Services

    Ardel Engineering produces high-quality machined Delrin parts that meet or exceed the specifications of our clients. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery of finished parts, our team works closely with each client to make sure they are satisfied with every step of the process.

    We offer a comprehensive menu of services to help our clients achieve optimal results on any project. Our precision fabrication and CNC machining services list includes:

    • Cut-to-size
    • CNC milling
    • CNC turning
    • Drilling
    • Swiss machining

    Our end-to-end solutions also include a variety of finishing methods and other value-added services, such as:

    • Decal application
    • Edge finishing
    • Laminating
    • Polishing
    • Quality inspection and testing throughout the fabrication process and prior to delivery
    • Certification for RoHS compliance

    Ardel Engineering actively invests in the latest technology to ensure that our products meet the highest applicable quality standards. Our focus on superior customer service ensures that our staff consistently delivers finished products that fit the client's budget and schedule. Our facilities accommodate quantities from prototypes through full production runs.

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    Create Custom Delrin Components with Ardel Engineering

    Delrin is a flexible, cost-effective, and highly efficient material for industrial parts. The high machinability of this material makes it ideal for a variety of machining and molding techniques. Ardel Engineering has the experience and knowledge necessary to create accurate components for our industrial clients. With access to CNC mills and Swiss screw machines, our engineers have successfully created components for a variety of industries, including our partners in aerospace.

    The services at Ardel Engineering go far beyond the material used to create your parts. Our personalized customer service is the key to our history of positive results. By working closely with you during each step of the fabrication process, we ensure that your final parts fulfill all your expectations. The team at Ardel Engineering incorporates the principles of Six Sigma practices into our machining processes and our processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant.

    Learn how Delrin machining services from Ardel Engineering can increase the profitability of your manufacturing or assembly project. Contact our customer service team for a free quote.