Engineering Services

At Ardel Engineering we use the latest, best-in-class software to work with and view all of your electronic CAD designs. With customer design changes and improvements happening faster than ever, we felt it was important to be able to email designs and ideas for the quickest implementation. Manufacturing is becoming paperless; having all the viewers necessary to view any print documentation shortens the quoting time, improves the print quality, and is easier for the buyer.

GibbsCAM is the software we use for creating the cutter paths for our CNC Mills, Swiss Screw machines, and CNC Lathes. This intuitive tool allows us to program your parts off an electronic solid model created in any of the design software currently available. Building cutter paths from solid models not only saves time but, is more accurate. This tool also allows us to vary the tooling, speeds, and feeds to optimize production before we actually start machining.

M1 by ECi is the MRP software that we use to control our business operations. This powerful software not only controls our inventory and shipping, it is also the way we maintain lot/documentation control required by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. When a valued job is received the job router is completed and verified for all necessary Print, Purchase Order, and customer requirements. Then the job is scheduled in M1 to ensure on-time delivery and job tracking. Once this has been completed the material is ordered through the purchasing module to the job. When received, the material certification is verified and electronically attached to the job per our ISO standards. Parts are produced per the routing and instructions. Any subcontract operations are then completed. The final inspection operation is signed off and the parts move to inventory awaiting the required ship date. After the job is shipped complete and closed all documentation is scanned and stored electronically in M1 for future reference.

Please email us your files and prints and we will offer you a competitive quote. A list of file types we can import is below. If you have a file type not listed we probably can still open it; just give us a try.

  • All Pro Engineer file types
  • All SolidWorks file types
  • All AutoDesk / AutoCAD file types
  • .pdf
  • .igs / .iges
  • .dxf
  • .dwf
  • .stp
  • .prt
  • and many more!