The parts we produce are typically complex components that require a high degree of precision and are used in critical aerospace or medical applications. These parts not only require in-depth inspections and analysis, but present unique inspection challenges. To overcome these challenges, we employ a myriad of product validation methods that allow us to check everything from linear tolerances to complex Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T). We utilize statistical process control (SPC) to ensure our processes yield products that meet or exceed customer requirements. Our in-process inspection rates are established to adhere to our customers Acceptable Quality Level (A.Q.L).

    2 DCC Zeiss coordinate measuring machines, ROI vision system, optical comparator, microscopes, and manual contact gauges are among our dimensional verification tools. All of the inspection equipment is contained in a climate controlled lab calibrated to NIST traceable standard, according to our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management program.  

    These tools can be used to measure complex geometric shapes to verify conformance with all customer specifications. Many pieces of our dimensional inspection equipment are able to record and report data electronically, making these tools invaluable for first article and in-process inspection procedures, process capability/stability. Customers’ CAD drawings can be directly imported in the coordinate measuring machines (CMM) for a direct comparison to the dimensions that are taken from the physical part.

    As an innovative engineering and manufacturing company, we are adept at developing custom machining and inspection procedures that allow us to produce parts with a high degree of complexity and precision that is unmatched by our machining industry peers. Our customers' appreciation for the level of quality, service, and reliability that Ardel provides is confirmed by the long term partnerships we have maintained.

    For additional information about our inspection services, please refer to the specification table below or contact us directly.


    • RAM Optical MVP Sprint 300 x 300 Vision system
    • Tesa-hite 350. This is a digital height gauge with a touch probe. Very speedy and accurate
    • Deltronic DH216 14” Optical Comparator. This is great for measuring small parts that typical contact measuring solutions cannot measure with its 10x and 20x lenses
    • Zeiss Eclipse 600 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm CMM with calypso software package is capable of taking a solid CAD model  to create an inspection program. This will measure linear dimensions, calculate True Positions and any other GDT called out on a print
    • Zeiss Contura G2 600 mm x 1000 mm x 600 mm Vast XXT Probe Head with calypso software package is capable of taking a solid CAD model  to create an inspection program. With an articulating head this CMM will calculate True Positions, Scan profile of a surface and any other GDT called out on a print
    • Profilometer. This is used to measure surface finish on machined surfaces.
    • Gauge Pin Library .009” to 1.000” in .0001” increments
    • Grade A surface plate 80” x 44”
    • Thread Plug & Ring Gage Library’s
    • All other standard measuring equipment and fixtures