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The Secret to Our Success in Quality Control: Michael Koch

Posted by Mike Sterling

Aug 13, 2012 5:30:00 AM

Our new quality control manager, Michael Koch, has done his fair share of optimizing production processes. Michael began his QC career at a mid-sized medical device OEM in the Twin Cities, where he learned the twin sciences of efficiency improvement and process improvement. He then went on to work for a number of automotive and aerospace companies, where he became well-versed in making sure that all fabricated parts held up under intensive scrutiny, and that these parts had the tightest tolerances and highest levels of consistency possible. He came onboard with us at Ardel some five months ago, and has already proved himself invaluable when it comes to such skills as CMM metrology.

For those in our audience who might not be aware, CMM stands for “Coordinate Measuring Machine”, a means of insuring that the newly-minted dimensions of a new part correspond as closely as possible to their specified CAD model. Other basic functions of CMMs include adjusting for proper assembly alignment, 3D scanning, and making sure that all fabricated units comply with all the various and sundry inspection and verification tests that are part and parcel of any modern industry.

As Michael explains it, efficiency improvement and process improvement are two very different – albeit equally crucial – functions of quality control. Efficiency improvement is about strategizing on how best to go about optimizing the speed at which parts get produced. Since 21st century production schedules seldom permit for excuses and/or human error when it comes to falling behind schedule, it’s an essential skill for any company, one that separates the “sinkers” from the “swimmers”. In contrast, process improvement is all about making sure that the quality and consistency of manufactured parts stands up to vigorous CMM metrological testing.

Michael’s a long-time pro in both these fields; the results from these past five months clearly attest to this fact. In short, we’re glad Michael’s working under our banner, and not a competitor’s! Our versatility and proficiency will only continue to grow under his watch. Ardel is passionate about our reputation for Quality, Delivery, Reliability, Efficiency, Confidentiality, and Partnering. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your project.

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