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Our Work Using PEEK Polymer Materials

Posted by Mike Sterling

Aug 6, 2012 5:30:00 AM

As part of an ongoing discussion about the various materials (both metallic and thermoplastic) that we work with at Ardel Engineering, we would like to discuss our experience working with PEEK polymer thermoplastics. 

Since PEEK – the acronym stands for Polyether ether ketone – is such a structurally robust thermoplastic, unusually resistant to high thermal concentrations, high pressure, and high levels of corrosion, it is sought after by performance-intensive industries of all stripes. 


Its uses in pistons for automotive engines, biochemical and analytical chemical separation processes, and even subatomic particle accelerators are all well-documented. Its expensiveness and its relative scarcity place it beyond the price-range of a lot of clientele. Usually the province of 1st tier suppliers, major international companies, and well-established research universities (as well as national and state governments), PEEK is something we excel at in several of our own fields of expertise.


Most of our work with PEEK stems from our experience in the medical, electronic and aerospace industries. Because of PEEK’s ability to withstand harsh conditions of all varieties (it is, for instance, one of the select few thermoplastics that are difficult to melt), it can be used in applications that require high levels of friction to operate, such as precision bearings in aerospace. Likewise, due to these same properties, PEEK is a handy material when it comes to fabricating parts for bio-implants such as artificial pacemakers and cochlear implants. Its resistance to corrosion is particularly prized in the biomedical field, since PEEK is able to hold its own for the long-run within the human body. Our extensive history with PEEK gives our company an advantage over others in building prototypes, parts, and components that will stand whatever the tests and rigors that are thrown their way. If you have any questions on PEEK or want to learn more, speak with an Ardel representative today.

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