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Globalization and the Need for the Ever-Faster Instant

Posted by Mike Sterling

Jan 3, 2013 4:30:00 AM

For the large part, we who were born in North America grew up in an instant age.

commercialWe had refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, and washing machines that made the daily schlep of food storage, cooking, cleaning, and grooming into something less than a footnote in our collective day. And as our country came online throughout the 90s and the 00s, we found ourselves living in a world where everything – information, consumer products, skills, career opportunities, professional consultation, friendship, even soul mates – were suddenly ours for the Google-searching. In a few brief years, the work of Tim Berners-Lee and his like grew to encompass the entire planet. People once marveled that a supersonic Concorde passenger jet could deliver travelers from Charles De Gaulle Airport to JFK Airport in a matter of a few hours. Today, these same people can connect with friends, loved ones, and business associates across the globe in the matter of just a few, wireless seconds.

The modern world took centuries to create. The “globalized” world, in comparison, materialized seemingly in just a matter of months and minutes. But this Golden Age of the Instant still leaves vast room for improvement. Just a few examples will have to suffice: for one, the advent of 3D printing, where an actual, serviceable human kidney can be artificially designed and “programmed” at a facility on the Eastern Seaboard, then “printed” at a recipient hospital in California. Likewise, the steady progress of telemedicine, where physicians in India can witness – courtesy of high-speed, high-definition digital encoding – an advanced surgical procedure unfolding in “real time” in Atlanta. Another impressive development would be communication technology aboard transoceanic flights that lets passengers communicate from thousands of miles away with people on the ground. These, as mentioned, are just a pinch sampling of the actualities (and possibilities) of our era.

Given how much wired, wireless, and satellite-based communication technologies have played a hand in reshaping the way we interact as a human species in just a scarce few years; and being that we at Ardel Engineering have made it one of our foremost priorities to provide state-of-the-art parts and components that enable this new global community to flourish; we can only look forward to playing an advisory and a hands-on mechanical role in making sure this revolution continues in a healthy way. Contact us today at Ardel Engineering for a question or a quote as to how we can be of service to your company, organization, or government agency in this regard.

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