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Fabricating OEM Medical Components to Help Wounded American Veterans

Posted by Mike Sterling

Dec 19, 2012 8:53:00 AM

Ardel has a long history of providing for America’s defense.

Medical_Device_RegulationsIn the early 1980s, when then-President Ronald Reagan called for a “600 ship navy” to counteract the menace of a steadily growing Soviet fleet of submarines and maritime bombers – we put our shoulders to the wheel to meet that challenge. The American Navy saw its largest incarnation since the end of the Second World War, and was indisputably the most powerful fleet that ever sailed an ocean. As the Cold War ended and the so-called Pax Americana began, we thought the time had come to begin shifting our efforts into other advanced fields of technology, areas like computers, advanced medicine, and space-borne telecommunications systems.

As time would have it, our peace was disturbed one early morning in September, 2001. The resulting military response from our country was nothing short of monumental – both in terms of its scope and in terms of its bravery. American soldiers, marines, and Special Forces commandoes stood shoulder-to-shoulder against a series of deadly threats to our nation – and overcame many of them. With combat winding down in Iraq, our servicemen and servicewomen still remain in harm’s way in the mountains, river valleys, scrub deserts, and cities of Afghanistan. Many of them continue to return home wounded from the wars, and in permanent need of high-quality medical care and technology.

That’s where we at Ardel Engineering come into the fray. With our high precision-tolerance capabilities in metalworking and in thermoplastics, we have a lot to offer our retuning heroes: from machining linkage arms and joint brackets, to making titanium-forged shoes that help stabilize ankles, to fabricating bushings made from Peek and Delrin thermoplastic materials, we’re ready to go a long way in terms of rehabilitating our troops, giving them a fresh start in their new civilian lives with brand-new OEM medical components. We’re genuinely honored to do our part on behalf of our young men and women. For those who are willing to risk everything on behalf of their country, we are willing to go anywhere that our engineering skills are capable of. Be sure to contact us or visit our website to learn more.

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