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The Latest Addition to Our Equipment Line: Haas EC-400

Posted by Mike Sterling

Nov 2, 2020 5:09:54 PM

Ardel recently added a new CNC machine to our equipment line: the Haas EC-400, a machine designed for horizontal machining methods with faster speeds and more capabilities than ever. The Haas EC-400 has many upgraded features, allowing for quality, high-volume production of manufacturing tools for a variety of applications.

Features for Added Performance

ec-400Our new Haas horizontal mill has a multitude of features for added performance, including:

  • Added Automation for Unattended Operation. The Haas EC-400’s added automation offers a more optimized pallet schedule, allowing for the unattended machining of any pallet from start to finish. Completed pallets are automatically returned to the holding location, or they can be sequenced to an operator station for unloading and reloading.
  • High-volume Production Cycles. Increased Y-axis, X-axis, and Z-axis travel allows for higher capacity at faster machine speeds. The 6-state pallet tool combined with the full 4th-axis rotary indexer provides the highest accuracy for machining complex parts in large production runs.
  • Increased Tool Changer Capacity. The available 100-pocket tool changer allows for simple manufacturing of different parts with fewer manual change-outs needed. The Haas EC-400 changes tools up to 50% faster, speeding up production times.
  • Design Enhancements. The Haas EC-400 provides a more compact design with rear chip discharge that saves floor space and clean up time. It also offers centralized geometry for better results and rigidity. The wider chip conveyor belt is located in the center of the machine, under the spindle, which improves chip management. The steep interior walls ensure that the chips are funneled onto the conveyor belt and discharged at the height of a full-size industrial barrel.
  • Increased Coolant Capacity for Optimized Cutting Conditions. Manufacturing high precision parts requires optimal cutting conditions, including proper cooling management. The EC-400 features an air-cooled spindle and a high-pressure coolant system with a large 95-gallon capacity to keep the CNC machine optimized for the best cutting results. The 4-nozzle coolant ring on the spindle nose accommodates both short and long tools, and the circle design prevents chips from collecting on the top.

Get Started on Your Milling Project Today

The Haas EC-400 is a leading-class horizontal mill that offers many upgraded features for enhanced performance. Ardel uses the Haas EC-400 for all applications requiring pocketing and facing. We specialize in CNC machining precise, reliable, and high quality parts using the latest technology and best-in-class software.

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At Ardel, we offer a diverse selection of Haas equipment to meet all your CNC milling needs. With a total of 23 milling centers, we provide unbeatable manufacturing flexibility. Our engineers will work with you to determine the best equipment to produce superior, affordable parts for your needs. For more information, or to get started on your milling project, contact us or request a quote today.

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