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6 Reasons to Swiss Machine Your Plastic Components

Posted by Mike Sterling

Sep 15, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Swiss machining your plastic components is a cost effective alternative to injection molding.

Especially when looking to make small diameter parts (< 1.25”) in small to medium productions because revisions are simpler to implement.

In the right conditions there are many advantages to use CNC Swiss Machining:

1swiss-machined-parts-resized. Materials

More material options are available when using Swiss machining than in injection molding. With the right tooling speeds, it’s possible to overcome temperature limitations, that are restricting when working with thermoplastics or thermosetting polymers.  At Ardel we are experts at machining any plastic material suitable for CNC Swiss machines, so that you can choose any material for your design..

2. Precision

CNC Swiss Machine can meet ultra-high tolerance, down to 0.0002”, probably the tightest in the industry. Such tolerance is unthinkable for injection molding. 

3. Inventory

Swiss machining gives very good control over fluctuating production volumes, especially for smaller lots, when inventory is not wanted. This is especially useful for organizations relying on just-in-time shipping, that need to oversee their supply chain at a very granular level.

4. Initial Cost

Setup and tooling costs for Swiss machining are less expensive than mold development for short to medium runs. While determining your product direction or refining your end high volume part, Swiss machining can provide the perfect alternative to injection molding..

5. Secondary Operations

Injection molding can leave weld lines, parting lines, gate marks, and ejector pin marks that require additional processes to complete the part. Conversely, components created with a Swiss machine often do not need any post fabrication finishing, which can dramatically decrease the cost-per-part. 

6. Micro Machining 

Swiss machining is often the only possibility when working with very small complex components. In fact, injecting molten plastic in the very small nooks and crannies of a mold might be impossible, as there is no correct balance of material temperature and injection pressure to overcome the resistance to the plastic flow. 

For more information on Swiss Machining, review our capabilities section or contact us today!

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