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Charting New Horizons: a New Horizontal Machine on Our Factory Floor

Posted by Mike Sterling

Sep 12, 2012 5:30:00 AM

Since our company’s inception, we’ve made it a priority to round out our capabilities so we can perform even better for the industries we serve.

Mori Seki NHx-5000 horizontal machineTo that effort, we’ve purchased a formidable array of top-of-the-line CNC machinery equipment for all types of applications. CNC horizontal mills, CNC vertical mills, CNC turning/Swiss screw machines, high-performance saws, wire EDM machines, and state-of-the-art computerized design and logistical technology are all part of our arsenal. 

As our machinery numbers have gone up, so have our quality control and inspection processes , all of which contributed to our receiving an ISO 9001 certification not so long ago.

But the future doesn’t rest on any laurels, and neither do we. We continue to accumulate and master new technologies and capabilities all the time. Our latest “addition to the fleet” is a horizontal machine that is one of the leading variants of its kind in our industry. Unveiled for the first time at IMTS in 2010, the Mori Seki NHx-5000 horizontal machine is up and running, fabricating parts for assignments that require complexity on the level of 2 ten-thousandths of an inch on 3-dimensional surfaces. Equipped with a 20,000 rpm spindle, the new Mori Seki builds on our extensive aerospace and medical industrial capabilities, laying the groundwork for our company staying in touch with – and keeping on top of – the high-tech demands of the 21st century.

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