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Advancing American Manufacturing

Posted by Mike Sterling

Jun 7, 2013 6:09:00 AM

Back in April, TIME Magazine picked up on a trend in the manufacturing sphere that’s been gaining ground in the industry with their cover story: Made in the USA.

Advanced_MfgSome are calling it another industrial revolution, but 21st Century style - an advanced manufacturing response to the digital age. There are even those that are expecting and advocating a shift back to the U.S. as being primarily a manufacturing nation, with technology and education joining forces with to create a much larger technically skilled advanced manufacturing labor force. Others argue that the “revolution” isn’t sustainable, and that the next labor revolution should see the service and management sectors dominate.

What we take from these extremes is an attitude to see the strengths of each side. We’re willing to take the hype about manufacturing with a grain of salt, but we’re also seeing real growth in American industry – even big name foreign technical manufactures like Mori Seiki are building plants in the U.S., and seeking to combine those sites with institutions of education to further collaboration and innovation in technical manufacturing. This is an encouraging example, and one that we at Ardel think emulates the proper response to the global state of manufacturing – namely, the intentional proximity of manufacturing atmospheres and academic institutions to cross-pollinate expertise with intent to catalyze innovation.

As a technical engineering and manufacturing job shop, we are seeing the implications of these ideas in our every day, and we’ll keep doing our part to make sure American manufacturing continues to be an attractive worldwide option by providing the best quality work to our customers’ exact specs. We hope you’re of a like mind with us, as we continue to observe and help improve the state of the industry, and promote progress.

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