At Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., our team specializes in high-quality CNC machining services you can trust. We have the equipment and the experience to complete high-volume orders of complex parts across multiple different industries. We work with metals, ceramics, plastics, and composite materials to create a wide range of components for our customers in Minnesota.

    Our CNC Machining Capabilities Serving Minnesota

    Our quality CNC machining and manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce various parts and components with tight tolerances. These capabilities include:


    We offer both horizontal milling and vertical milling services to create a diverse range of parts with optimal precision. In CNC milling, a rotating spindle with a cutting tool carves excess material from a workpiece based on pre-programmed instructions. Vertical milling offers fast, efficient milling for short-run applications. Horizontal milling provides more control for complex features and greater speed for large volume orders. Our facility has 23 milling centers to handle low- and high-volume orders of any complexity level.

    Swiss Machining

    Swiss screw machining is a precision machining process that utilizes a guide bushing to decrease the distance between the cutting tool and main spindle. This results in less bending of the workpiece and less deflection at the cutting surface. Swiss machining is most often used to create small, cylindrical parts in high production volumes for industries such as medical, aerospace, and more. At Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, we have four 20mm Swiss screw machines and three 32mm Swiss screw machines capable of creating small, critical parts from materials such as metal and engineered plastic.

    Wire EDM

    Wire EDM processes remove small volumes of material from a workpiece using a thin, electrically charged wire. While large-diameter wires are ideal for making rough cuts, fine wire is used to meet tighter tolerances and provide a cleaner surface finish. We can produce parts with tolerances as tight as ±0.0001", and we can machine high-strength metals such as Hastelloy™, Monel, and tool steels for use in aerospace, manufacturing, and medical manufacturing applications.

    Common Materials We Work With

    At Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc, we work with a wide variety of plastics, metals, composites, and ceramic materials. Options include:

    • Delrin
    • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Steel

    While most machine shops only have one type of milling center, we offer both horizontal and vertical milling capabilities. The best option for your needs depends on the production volume, machined features, and shape requirements. Utilizing both types of equipment offers more efficiency and versatility compared to only using one.

    Applications for CNC Machined Parts

    We work with multiple different clients across the aerospace industry, medical manufacturing and industrial sectors, and more. We pride ourselves on serving multinational companies such as 3M, United Defense, and Litton. We also partner with leading aerospace companies in Minnesota like Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and World Aerospace to provide components for military aircraft, spacecraft, airplanes, and more.

    Contact Us For Custom CNC Machining in Minnesota

    High-quality CNC machining can produce a wide range of reliable components that fit seamlessly into complex assemblies for work in extreme environments and mission-critical applications. At Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., we provide comprehensive CNC machining services, inspection services, and more. Request a quote to start your order or contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.